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Management Philosophy

The Takashimaya Group Management Philosophy
For the Customer, Always
The Toshin Development Co,. Ltd. Management Philosophy
Through the key business of shopping center management, we shall contribute by enriching the life of the people via prosperous co-existence with the community and the tenants.
From the view point of developing a focal point for the community, we shall create new values by combining the elements of space, things and the latest informantion We shall value the spirit of the developer. Each and everyone shall cultivate his/her creativity and independence in which the creativity and actions can be reflected in business dealings.
Pioneer Shopping Centers for Suburban Japan
Toshin Development Co., Ltd. was founded by its parent corporation, Takashimaya, one of Japan's leading department stores, to develop Japan's first authentic subarban shopping center in 1963, at the height of Japan's period of rapid economic growth. Anchored by a Takashimaya department store, the Tamagawa Takashimaya Shopping Center, a pioneer at its opening, maintains its position as Japan's preeminent shopping center both in quality and business performance through tireless innovation and growth. Toshin Development has further solidified its business base and expanded its domestic and international networks through the development and operation of the Kashiwa Takashimaya Stationmall and the Singapore Takashimaya Shopping Center, building expertise in shopping center operations from a global perspective. With ever more diverse business models and increasingly ferocious competition, Japan's distribution industry has reached a significant turning point. Now, more than ever, Toshin Development will remain true to its goals of co-prosperity and co-existence with tenants and local communities, while continuing to be a dynamic force for further shopping center development.

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