Layering memories of people and cities,
we create "Mind Symbols" together.

Towards a future where everyone will have a place they want to live in, and visit. With the developer's spirit in our heart, we continue to create Mind Symbols across borders.


While driving our basic strategies of transference to next generation SC, diversification of assets and pioneering of new fields of business, and expansion of our income foundation in growth markets, we have also pursued our continuing growth as a company through the stable creation of income and contribution to regions by pursuing functionality as social infrastructure.


An introduction to the three areas of business in which Toshin Development is involved.


We have been thinking about each town and city in an entirety since before SDGs was a widely considered term, and always aimed for continued growth alongside the city. Shopping centers form the beating heart of the cities in which they are located, and by taking on our own central role in activities working toward the realization of a sustainable society, we hope to turn shopping centers into symbols of sustainability.


Our challenges provide landscapes for people's hearts.

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The creativity and drive of each individual will help realize a society with cities where everyone can be themselves.